Cofounder @Kintro
London, UK
Co-founder at Kintro, exited co-founder & CEO at EduOne. Startup guy through-and-through, rambunctious adventurer, and aspiring athlete (tbc).

I'm a puzzle master with a knack and passion for creating value by coaxing the pieces together. I prefer product design to business development, but am a communicator at heart so often end up drumming up value props and doing deals.

I love talking to legit startup people, especially the kind that had to suffer injustices to even get on the scoreboard. Keen on a convo over coffee or whiskey, and happy to be helpful to your ambitions any way I can.
Areas Jason Basel has experience in and may be able to help you with.
My services
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15 min

Ask-Me-Anything over a short video call
LotusCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Startup mentorship
€58.26 / mo
€46.61 / mo
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30 min

Alpha/Beta tester product feedback
Reviews from people who have met with Jason
Sifiso Vundla
2 months ago
Incredible session with Jason! Very knowledgeable about the world of tech startups!
A great first test of booking flow on kintro!
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