Sophia-Rae BearChild O' Mine
I've been a weekend .Net developer for years. C# for the win! Happy to consult on any related projects.
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Unwitting Future Icon. Astrodynamics PhD. Cross-functional Athlete. Special Advisor to PM of GB. Face of Burberry. As-yet fictional, but seeded in The Continuum.
Child O' Mine
London, UK
I need help with: Building a financial model for a dev house. Details: I'm a freelance software engineer starting a dev house. I'm trying to figure out appropriate pricing for my services, but it seems to be a bit of a thumb-suck. Hoping someone can advise me on how best to build a financial model and ultimately come up with some solid pricing. Looking for: -Advice -Suggestions -Resources

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Christopher TrittonOuter-mongolian tortoise racer
I know someone who may be able to help with this, book , he'll have at the very least some good perspective for you on this.
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Andy BrownSparetime Boxer
All things Linux
Christopher TrittonOuter-mongolian tortoise racer
Founder psychology
I've had my fair share of ups and downs. When it comes to starting startups, no one who hasn't done it can really relate to you.
Jason BaselCo-founder at Kintro
Cap table & equity management
Setting up a cap table is easy, but setting it up for the distant future is tough. I've set up option pools, trusts, phantom schemes, ESOPs, multi-class cap tables and looked at loads of other structures. I can advise on best practices, and discuss the best options for your unique situation.
Jason BaselCo-founder at Kintro
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